#1 Complete Shopify App & Themes For Cash On Delivery.

CodMonster – Complete Shopify App & themes with all the necessary tools & apps for an optimized Cash on Delivery store.

5/5 rating on shopify

The Problem

To build a high converting Cash On Delivery store especially on Shopify. You will need to install more than 10 apps & do countless edits. Which takes time, efforts and is pretty expensive.

The Solution

Now CodMonster have it all! A Complete App with all necessary tools and features for Cash On Delivery, with a powerful Shopify multilingual themes that come with it. And all that in one app, which makes it FASTER, EASIER and LESS EXPENSIVE.

Let’s discover all the powerful features

Smart Product Page Order Form

You can start collecting orders directly from the product page using Smart Order Form & Faster & Easier purchase experience to increase CR%.

Abandoned orders

You will be able to collect abandoned orders using potential customers phone numbers and re-convert them to valid orders.

Advanced Form Customization

Add, delete, and rename form fields as you like. and it can be embedded in your product page or as a pop-up.

One Click upsell

With 1-Click-upsell, your customers can add more different products to their order in one click.

Quantity offers

Quantity offer built in the form with a nice design where you can sell 2 or 3 quantities instead of 1.

Sync orders with Google Sheet ​

With Google sheet integration you can start receiving your Orders & abandoned orders directly to your sheet, you can also customize the data you want to receive for better order management & processing for you and your team.

Sync all your orders with google Sheet

Sync abandoned orders with google Sheet ​

Customize Your google sheet fields

Ads tracking scripts integration

One pixel is not enough. So you can install multiple pixels without any coding skills. All you need to do is copy, paste, and run this lovely Adset – and do exactly the same thing as Snapchat, Google Analytics, and Google Tag!

Facebook MultiPixel

SnapChat Ads

Google Analytics

Google Tag

Ready to use Cash on Delivery Themes

We have multiple high-converting Shopify themes that are optimized for Cash on Delivery, with multiple languages and the fastest page speed ever.
our themes Speak:





What users says about us

Mhamed & Ichrak


Recently we have switched from YouCan into CodMonster. The CR% was x3 than before and unlimited features and tools we have never found elsewhere. Honestly we start falling in love with this app!



We use codmonster for more than 1 year. Good service and professional communication, quick problem solving. Thank you

Hamza Azmi


I have been using COD monster since the beta testing earlier in june 2020, what I can say is it’s a game changer for cashondelivery business owners especially for people like me looking for a friendly, simple and high converting store.

Said Boubakri


If you are in the COD business, you don't need a lot of shopify apps, you just need this great app! It offers opitmized product pages with a high conversion rate to boost your sales.

Med Hamza Serir


I was one of the first beta testers of CodMonster, from the first version it was good for me but the last version is literally another level. I highly recommend it!



Oh yeah, you did well guys. the app is just amazing and even more than what we have expected, my tech team are lazy now lol they found everything ready.

Who behind codmonster?

Two crazy entrepreneurs had a small idea about making Cash on delivery store creation a bit more easier, Till it turns into a big Cash on delivery App.

Abderrahmane Zaouak

CO Founder - Full Stack designer & Branding Expert

Mohammed Amine Elhouadar

CEO Founder - Cash On Delivery Expert

Things people often ask about.

The answer is yes, CodMonster is an app that should be installed on your shopify store

Of course there are 7 days of free trial, where you can test and fix eveything as you like.

Yes our app and ready to use themes can work on 4 languages: Arabic, English, Spanish & French.

We have a dedicated team of people who work hard to answer your questions and fix any difficulties that could be faced.

Want to have a new Cash on delivery journey?

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