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Learn How to install the app of CodMonster & theme step by step explanation. 

Before installing CodMonster App in your shopify store you will need to check the default currency and language you want to use, because you can’t change that later.

Step 1: Verify your store language and currency.

To change your store language you have to go to:

Settings > Store languages > Default language > Change theme language

To change the currency of your store go to:

Settings > General > Store currency > Change formatting

If You’ve already made your first sale, you need to contact support to change your currency.

Step 2: Install The the app.

You can install codmonster app from the Shopify app store Get CodMonster App. 

Step 3: Push CodMonster Theme.

  • Go to Theme pages in CodMonster App, choose your theme style & language then push it to your store by clicking on push button & it will be uploading in the background.
  • Once the uploading of the theme is done in the theme library you have to customize your theme then click publish. Once this step is done, the theme and the app are connected together so you can start selling and collecting orders right away.

Updated on October 27, 2021