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Learn how to create 1-Click-Upsell offers for Cash on delivery with CodMonster.

When the customers finish filling the order form and when they click on the buy button a Pop-Up will show having the product you will add in Upsell Order to make them choose whether to buy or not. 

To add the product on the upsell offer you can go to :

And in the Upsell Offer bar :

  •  Choose the product you wanna sell.
  • Click On Add Offer.

You can edit on the pop up for the Upsell Offer by going to the product page on CodMonster Page. 

In the Pop Up Thank You Page you can edit on the section for Order offer msg. Make sure you don’t touch [discount]% so that the discount you made will show in the pop-up upsell offer. 

Once the order is made, the order details will show specifically all the details about the product including the upsell offer product.

Updated on October 27, 2021